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Getting Familiar with Google+

If you have not heard the buzz around Google’s new product called Google+ well get ready as it is coming to an Internet connection near you.

Let’s cut to the chase…..What is it and what will it do?

Google+ is  a big product in which you might compare to Facebook but with some very interesting differences.

Here is what I know:

Circles –

Google+ will provide users the ability to create different social circles within Google+. So for example, you can have a group of your closest friends in one group and co-workers in another group. This will allow users to communicate certain topics in a much more appropriate fashion.  The groups can be formed by dragging the contact’s picture/photo over a circle that represents the group. It was sort of odd when my old boss read my Facebook update that said “I got the job offer.” This feature could have come in handy back then.

Hangouts –

Hangouts allows up to 10 users to video chat. This could be a very neat feature for the Star Trek lovers as they can get in a closed circle and speak simultaneously about the journeys of Captain Spock and the crew. Ten people talking at the same time?  I would like to see how that works out.


Sparks will bring in stories, videos and content from the Web that relate to your specific interests. According to Google, the content in the Sparks stream is different from the results you’d get if you put the same term into the search engine. You will be asked to create or choose from a list of possible interests (cooking, bocce ball, salsa dancing, etc.), once you do this, Google+ then goes out and searches on-topic content from all over the Web. This seems a bit like Google Alerts if you have used that feature already.  Regardless – very convenient and helpful.


Stream helps you organize the way you receive instant updates from your friends and other contacts in your Circles list. It also will allow you to manage who you share your updates with as well.

Huddle –

Huddle is a group in which you will be having a texting conversation with a group of people where the mobile phone numbers of members will be visible to all.  Great!  Another way for our kids to text and communicate with their friends.  I did not see that one coming 🙂

So there you have it.  The basic 411 on what is coming soon from Google and why Facebook is somewhat worried.  What?  Facebook worried?

Yes!  Owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had built a huge buzz this week to release the announcement of their new product which will allow Skype communication on Facebook.  That is interesting as well.

For now, Facebook is still king, but please keep an eye out for this unique little company making waves in SiliconValley with this new product and interesting logo.